For the design of biotopes and natural swimming pools

With the GREEN it is easy to create artificial creeks, cascades or waterfalls. Dense areas are achieved with the – naturally water-permeable – pond concrete quite simply by applying a thin layer of clay or loam to the set pond concrete. Even almost vertical bank zones in biotopes are easy to install. The microporous grain structure enables immediate planting in formed pockets. The plants root in the concrete and and such your embankment will not slide!

The high open-cell characterof pond concrete allows immediate planting and shore design above the water level after application of soil, moss, etc. The roots penetrate this layer deep into the GREEN pond concrete, giving the edge zone additional support and thus supplying themselves with pond water. There is no separation layer – as is the case with conventional concrete, for example.

Foundation for concrete paving

GREEN pond concrete is also particularly suitable as a foundation for laying concrete paving stones. A pond concrete layer of approx. 4 cm thickness applied to an appropriately water-permeable subsoil is sufficient for drainage and removes the need of leveling with a compactor. The finished height of the “garden parquet” is thus accurate to the millimeter even in challenging areas such as wall junctions, swimming pool edges, etc….