Processing instructions

GREEN pond concrete can be manually mixed as well as by whisk or mixing machine. Heads up: Add water to the dry material and not vice versa!

The ready-mixed GREEN pond concrete should be processed within 15 to 30 minutes. In order to guarantee the excellent properties of GREEN pond concrete, the specified water addition (drinking water) must not be exceeded.

The crumbly damp-earth mix is applied, modeled as desired, not compacted, but only lightly pressed on and smoothed if neccessary, depending on the intended use.



Unlike conventional concretes, GREEN pond concrete requires virtually no maintenance. It needs to be protected from surface drying during the first 8 hours after processing. Inside, the natural water reservoir of the thermofilter structure ensures continuous water supply during the setting process. Depending on the ratio of GREEN pond concrete placed to the volume of water in the biotope, it may be advantageous to flush the bank zones several times before completely filling the biotope.